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Parent's day is all about celebrating parents, without cold shouldering humor. Explore this article to gain access to a handful of jokes for Parent's day.

Parent's Day Jokes

Being a parent is serious business. After all, no one ever said it would be like walking through a lush meadow noted for an abundance of brooks and meadows. In fact, parenting is really quite the opposite, where each and every day is a challenge, where and each every day brings forth something new. Yet, in spite of the trails, trials and tribulations contained within the concept of parenting, the concept stills holds within itself quite a lot humor. It is humor that can help a parent beat the blues of bringing up a child. When you choose to look at parenting as a concept blessed with more humor and fewer challenges, life can suddenly seem a lot more bearable. After all, life is what you perceive of it. Think of parenting as the most humorous concept ever and this is just what it becomes. Here's help; read on to discover a handful of jokes on Parent's day. These jokes can help you see the humor that is very much a part of the whole idea of parenting!

Funny Jokes For Parent's Day

Tuck You Into Bed
On a cold winter's night, a small boy is tucked into bed by his dad. Just as soon as the dad turns out the lights his son asks, "Dad, can I get a glass of water?" Not wanting to entertain his son's requests, the dad replies in the negative and makes his own way to bed. Five minutes after settling into bed, the son calls out again to his dad, "Daddy, I really need water, can you please get me a glass?" Infuriated, the father replies, "No, you can't, try and get some sleep before I choose to give you the spanking of a lifetime!" Minutes fly by, "Daddy", comes the call again, "when you come in to give me that spanking you just spoke about, can you please get me a glass of water too". Needless to say the son got his water minus the spanking.

Don't Suck Your Thumb
No mother likes to see her son sucking on his thumb and this is as good as a fact. It so happened one day a mother who was fed up with her son sucking his thumb warned him about not doing so. She told him that if he continued to suck his thumb, he was sure to get fat, fatter than the fat boy who lived down the road. This fat boy was most noted for his culinary conquests at the local bakery. Thankfully, the very thought of getting fat scared the child out of his wits and he decided to stop sucking his thumb. One day, as mother and son were walking down the lane to their home, they chanced upon a pregnant lady. To the mother's delight, the young boy ran up to the pregnant woman and exclaimed, "Ah, I know what you have been to, please Ma'am, do stop sucking your thumb".

Fathers: Then And Now
Then: A father's horsepower meant the number of horses he had. Now: A father's horsepower means the number of cars he owns.
Then: If a father put a roof over his friend's head, he was considered a huge success. Now: A father needs to put more than just a roof, a deck; a pool and a 5-car garage is what is needed most and appreciated most even.
Then: A father almost always passed on his clothing to his son. Now: No kid would even think of wearing his father's clothing, he'd rather die of the cold than be forced to wear his father's shirt.
Then: Fathers smoked pipes and cigarettes in the comforts of their home. Now: Fathers are lectured on the evils of smoking and are almost driven out of their own homes when it comes to giving into the calls of nicotine.
Then: A father used to come home from work to see his wife and children waiting for him and then even waiting on him at the supper table. Now: A father comes back to an empty home, with his wife at a meeting, his children at dance classes or gyms and a cold dinner to consume.

There you go, with this one, the jokes are not on kids, but on parents and thankfully parents just happen to be a sporty lot.