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Those who are unable to meet their parents on Parent's day should at least send them a message. Read on to find some interesting and funny Parent's day messages that you can forward to your parents.

Parents Day Messages

Parents Day messages depend on the kind of relationship that you share with your parents. This is why most Parent's day messages are very personal and not written formally. Some messages can even be humorous to make their parents smile. Most people would like to wish their parents by phone or by meeting them, but those who are unable to do so must use messages as the only method of conveying their greetings. Messages can be sent via short message service, emails, snail mail, etc. Always remember that the best means for message transfer is that which is easily accessible to your parents. For example, it is more convenient to send emails or SMSs than to post a greeting by conventional mail. Emails can be lengthy and can contain photos and animations. The delivery date for the message can also be preset to the correct day so that you don't forget. On the other hand, SMS need to be sent whenever you want them to be delivered. Although you can send messages of any length, any SMS longer than 160 characters will be sent as multiple messages containing 160 characters each. It is better to send messages within the above mentioned limit because messages that are broken down into several messages may deliver the other parts of the message after some delay, in the case that it does deliver at all.

Parents Day SMS Messages, Parents Day Funny Messages
Funny SMSs and messages are ideal for those who've often shared good jokes with their parents and would like to make them smile on Parent's day with at least an SMS or mail to show that they always care and remember.