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Handmade crafts are great ways of expressing your love for your parents. Read on to find few interesting parents day craft ideas and examples.

Parents Day Crafts

Handmade crafts are much more valued by parents than any gift that's bought at a shop. A lot of effort is involved in making a gift by hand and such efforts are often unnoticed by all except by those close to you, such as your parents. Getting the requirements and learning how to make it can sometimes be more difficult than making the gift itself. The type of crafts that you choose to make must depend on your skills and talents. The unwritten rule of gifting states that you must give gifts depending on the tastes and interests of the receiver of your gift, rather than your own likes.There are minor differences between choosing crafts that are easy for you to make and crafts that are liked by the receiver of your gift but since they're your parents, they'd be happy to receive anything that you would've made for them with love and hard work. Parents treasure their children's gifts so much that it wouldn't be surprising if you found some craft that you had made for your parents, decades later in their cupboard. You could also make useful crafts that would remind them of you, every time they used it. Such crafts can include pen stands, hat holders, mobile phone stands, etc. You could also make crafts that are good keep-sakes and can be kept on a table or in a show-case. Few parents day craft ideas are mentioned below. For more ideas and examples, you could also check other craft ideas mentioned on this website.

Parents Day Craft Ideas

Framed Photos
Scan any old family photo and get an enlarged copy of it printed at any photography or printing store. Paste it on a sheet of cardboard whose dimensions exceed the photograph by one centimeter on each of the four edges.Stick a string behind the cardboard using duct-tape so that the photo can be hung on a wall. For this craft project, you will need to cut the rounded edges of several ice-cream sticks so that they look like long rectangular pieces of wood. Stick these ice-cream sticks behind the cardboard as close to each other as possible. The purpose of doing this is to make the cardboard look like wood and also to increase the rigidity of the photo frame. Remember that the string that you've stuck on the cardboard must not be stuck under the ice-cream sticks. Next take more ice-cream sticks and stick them along the 1 centimeter border left around the picture. Note that these ice-cream sticks too must be cut such that their edges fit properly and the cardboard underneath isn't visible. You can hang this photo of your family on a wall or keep it on a table if the picture isn't too big.

Paper Weights
You can take a smooth rock or a large pebble and paint beautiful designs on it. If you're good at art, you could try realistic paintings, sceneries, etc. Those who aren't gifted with this talent needn't loose hope. Simple symbols, abstract art and psychedelic paintings are often as attractive realism. You can use oil or fabric paints on stone. Those who're good at sculpture can clamp the work-piece on a vise and carve something on the stone. Of course this could take several days or weeks so you need to start preparing for such gifts well in advance so that it's completed by Parent's day.

Pen Stands
You can make pen-stands using different types of easily available materials such as soft-drink cans, cardboard rolls, etc. If you choose to make it out of soft-drink cans, then you must cut the top, circular surface such that it forms a cylinder that's open on one side. Press the jagged edges using pliers and cover the rim with a thin strip of black insulation tape. If you make a pen stand using a cardboard roll, you will need to draw the circumference of its open side on a cardboard sheet. Cut the sheet along the new marking so that you get a circular piece of cardboard that can be stuck to one of the open sides of the roll. Color the outer surface of the cylinder using paints of your choice. You can also decorate the pen stand by painting a single or double-tone background first and then by covering it with stencil designs.

Giving gifts to you parents on Parent's day is the least could to thank them for the gift of life and for providing you with all your needs since childhood. Use this opportunity to express your gratitude and make something memorable for them.