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Try singing a song for your dad, instead of making him extra mad. Read your way though this article for a closer look at the top three songs for a father.

Songs For Dad

When it comes to letting your dad know how much you admire his presence in your life, nothing can say it like a song. The bond between father and son has always been a much celebrated one, explaining why musicians, and some of the best of them, have paid tribute to the same. Going by random lists of songs dedicated to fathers, it is possibly easy to discover a few good songs that focus on the relationship between father and son. However, although it may be as easy as it is to land on a few good songs, it is considerably challenging to fish out the gems. After all, there is a fine line that divides good music and abnormal music. If you are looking to identify that fine line and transcend to discovering a few musical gems, read on. Remember this is not a list or an introduction to a whole lot of good, but simply an attempt at bringing you the best of the best.

Top Songs For Father

Father And Son - Cat Stevens
This song, just like 'My Father's Eyes' is blessed with a lot of feel. In popular music, it almost always is tough to come across songs that are blessed with a whole lot of emotions. However, Cat Stevens, being the genius that he is, shatters such inclinations. The song rides high on the vocals, with Cat Stevens crooning in two different tones, a low one for the father and a slightly higher one for the son. The lyrics of the song are like a conversation between the son and the father, where the son is convinced that he needs to break away from his father. The father on the other hand plays an advisory role, advising his son to be patient and thoughtful to make it through life.

My Father's Eyes - Eric Clapton
This is the kind of number that will have you hooked, courtesy the soothing melody that dominates the song. Here's a small portion of the lyrics - Where do I find the words to say? How do I teach him? What do we play? Bit by bit, I've realized. That's when I need them, that's when I need my father's eyes. My father's eyes, that's when I need my father's eyes, My father's eyes'. Now with such lyrics, a guitar legend and a perfect melody, don't you think that it could only be nothing but a match made in heaven? The song is a shout out of sorts to the 1985 passing of Eric Clapton's father and the oh-so-tragic death of his son Connor in the year 1991. This song can help build a powerful bond between father and son, because of the emotions attached to the song. In the song, Eric Clapton comforts himself with the thought that he actually did meet his father via his son's eyes. It's a known fact that Eric Clapton has never met his father in his lifetime.

The Best Of Times - Dream Theater
You can take it for granted that this song is not just a song, but it really is an experience. This masterpiece does not figure in lists of popular songs that are dedicated to fathers, making it that much more special. 'The Best of Times' is a song dedicated to the father of the drummer of the band, Mike Portnoy. It throws light on all the memories that father and son shared. The song at best is a tribute to the love and bond shared between father and son and was penned down owing to the fact that Mike Portnoy lost his dad to cancer. A version of the song featuring Mike Portnoy on vocals makes for a rare treat, although the commercial version had front man James Labrie on it. If you are looking for a musical treat that extends to around thirteen minutes, tune into 'The Best of Times'. It will not let you down!

Just like that, three songs for you to listen to. If you let go of even one of these three songs, it's nothing but you committing a mistake you don't really want to be committing.