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Find out how Parent's day is celebrated around the world. For more information on the same, explore this write-up.

Parent's Day Around The World

If you ask someone as to whom they hold in great regard and esteem and will forever continue to do so, there is a fat chance that you will get anything other than parents for an answer. This owes to the fact that parents have a paramount place in the lives of children. Lucky is the child who is bestowed with love from both his mother and father. It is because of their love, support, guidance and sacrifices that they lead you through every challenge you confront, right from the day you opened your eyes and took your first breath. The strength, courage and dedication with which they bring us up are greatly responsible for making us grow up to be successful individuals. In fact their job never ends for as long as they are alive, they keeping caring for their children who themselves may be middle-aged or older. They are like angels sent by God to ceaselessly nurture and nourish you. Though you can show your love for them on any day, a day devoted especially for them gives a fitting platform for you to acknowledge and reciprocate your feelings for them. This day is celebrated in many countries with great zeal. However, not all countries celebrate it on the same day. For more information, read on.

Parent's Day Celebrations Around The World

Parent's Day Celebrations In USA
Parent's day began in the United States with President Bill Clinton using his powers to ratify a law to dedicate the fourth Sunday of every July to parents and uphold and recognize the supporting role of parents in the rearing of children. National Parent's day gives an opportunity to the children in America to show their love and gratitude for their parents. It also gives a reason for the parents, children and other family members to get together, celebrate and laugh. Children gift cards and flowers to parents and organize entertaining activities and parties for them.

Parent's Day Celebrations In South Korea
In South Korea, May is a special month as both children's day and Parent's day are celebrated in this month. May 5th is children's day while May 8th is celebrated as Parent's day. May 8th originally denoted mothers' day in South Korea. Though the country does not treat the day as a national holiday, it nonetheless is considered to be a special day when children commemorate the efforts of the parents. Children usually give carnations and roses to their parents, gift them presents or simply spend time with them to express their thankfulness and love for being there for them.

Parent's Day Celebrations In Vietnam
Vietnam is another country that has its own unique date for Parent's day. It is celebrated on the 7th of July every year and children take this opportunity to make them feel special and shower them with love. The family reunites as children get together with parents and engage in activities. It is a day when parents are made to feel happy. They are given a break from their daily chores and taken out for dinners and lunch. Though Parent's day is not a national holiday, the Vietnamese gift flowers and cards to parents and make sure they spend quality time with them.

Parents are revered by childrenfor the sacrifices and compromises they continue to make. Even though the Parent's day dates are different in different countries, the purpose and emotions behind celebrating this day are the same.