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Your parents are the people who love you the most, hands down, no doubts about that! Breeze through this article for famous quotes and sayings about parents.

Famous Quotes About Parents

Parents! Parents! Parents! Now, don't they always seem to be around, especially when you were a kid, the more you tried to break away from their grasp, the tighter the grasp got. When time to play looked like it had just begun, it was brought to an end by your parents, who only then led you into a pile of books you saw no point in reading. However, in spite of your parents being as strict as they were when you were a kid, it may have never dawned on you that it was only for your own good. When they drove you against the wall and when it looked like there was no scope for turning back, it was all only being forced on to you so that you emerges as a better human being. Take the time to read some famous quotes about parents.

Popular Parents Quotes
There you go, you now have famous quotes about parents, use them well or in appropriate social situations to make yourself look like the biggest fan of your parents!