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Kottu Pakora is one of the most preferred recipes prepared on Navratri. Read on to explore an easy recipe for Kottu Pakora.

Kottu Pakora

Kottu Pakora
Kottu Pakora is made with buckwheat flour, which can be consumed during Navratri fasts. It is one of the tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes, enjoyed even by those who do not observe fast. And those who keep fast for the full nine days of Navratri surely do enjoy this delectable recipe. If you also want to try this recipe during Navratri, just have a look at the information given below, regarding the ingredients as well as the method of preparation.

Kottu Pakora Recipe

Note: Keep an eye on the consistency of batter, it quickly thickens near heat. You may need to add water from time to time.