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Sending e-cards on the festival of Navratri is a nice idea to convey your greetings to your loved ones. Explore all about Navratri greeting cards.

Navratri Greetings

Navratri Greetings
Navratri is one of the important Hindu festivals of India, commemorated with fun, fervor and enthusiasm. People across the country celebrate the festival by worshipping Goddess Durga, the Deity of Power. The air is filled with festivity all through the nine days of the festival. People exchange greetings, sweets, prepare lip smacking recipes for Navratri fast and indulge themselves in the worship of the Goddess. When it comes to sending wishes, greeting cards find a special place. The very old tradition of sending greeting cards on festivals would never fade away, until the time the colorful festivals loose their charm.

Navratri Greeting Cards
Gift galleries have come up with wide variety in their stock of greeting cards. Today, people literally flock gift galleries, because it is sure that they would get greeting cards for every occasion, as per their desire and of course, their pocket. From the traditional medium-sized greeting cards to the miniature palm-sized ones, greeting cards are now available for every size. In case you are confused, about which greeting card should you choose for Navratri, the answer is simple - look for a greeting card with Ma Durga photo in its cover, and peep into the quote written inside it. If both criteria satisfy you fully, then you have arrived at the right greeting card!

Navaratri E-Cards
Sending e-cards on every other occasion, whether small or important, has become customary for netizens and Navratri is no exception. Internet provides its users the opportunity to choose from the innumerable options for shopping. Ditto applies to e-cards, the only difference being the product is virtually free. You do not have to pay a single penny to buy an e-card, from majority of the websites. Moreover, it is the quickest and the fastest way. With the increasing competition, online shops have come up with a lot of variety in their products. You won't feel regretted in not finding enough e-cards for Navratri, because Internet satisfies every customer.

Show Your Creativity
If you do not want to opt for either of the aforementioned options, then the last resort would be a homemade card. Although it sounds very tiresome and a sheer waste of time to sit and make cards at home, the efforts are worth it. You won't feel regretted after coming up with a beautiful homemade greeting card. It is very simple and economical too. Cut your card paper in a suitable shape, draw the face of Ma Durga or paste a photograph at the front cover, write a quotation and then fold the card into a beautiful envelope. After you are done with the project, make sure that you catch a glimpse of it and give some finishing touch, say, add glitters or color it.