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Check out how to play the easy Chanuka kid game called 'pin the shamash or shield'.

Pin the Shamash or Shield

Games enliven a party and help people get acquainted with each other in a better manner. It is through these games that they get to relive treasured moments of their childhood. And you can never be too old to play games. There are games for people of all age groups, beliefs and mindset. No mater where you come from, to which religion you belong, there is always a game for you that you will enjoy playing. Hanukkah, being a festival of rituals, merry-making and enjoyment, is also full of such games. In fact, games are an integral part of a traditional Hanukkah party. One such interesting and amusing festive game is the "Pin the Shamash or Shield" .Below is given the method of playing the easy game.

How To Play Pin The Shamash Or Shield