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Candle making or candle craft is an ideal gift idea for Father's Day. To know how to make a candle, read on.

Candle Craft

On occasions like Fathers Day, the market is flooded with various gift items. Most kids go to the market and purchase gifts for their dad. But if you are planning to do something different on this Father's Day, then what better than to make something with your own hands. The handmade gifts will more effectively express the love and affection you have, for your father. Make this Father's Day a memorable one by presenting your dad with a handmade candle as gift. The simple homemade candles can be the best gift for your Dad on this Father's Day. In this way along with saving money, you can have lot of fun. Below we are giving you a few simple tips to make Father's Day candles that are perfect gift for your Dad on his special day.

Gel Candles

Materials Required
Pillar Candle

Material Required