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Party decoration is very essential for any party, especially the one pertaining to a kid's party. Check out décor tips & ideas for Children's Day.

Children's Day Party Decoration

Children's Day is celebrated in India on 14th of November every year, with immense joy, gusto and magnificence. It marks the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister after independence. The day has been called Children's Day, since Nehru loved children and did a lot for their education and development. The festival is marked with various programs and events being arranged all across India. Kids celebrate by participating in different events and spending the day with friends. Some even throw parties as a get-together. With this article, we have brought some decorating ideas that can help you in turning your pale home into a party house. Read through the lines to find different ideas for setting the mood for a Children's Day party. Take a look!

Decorating Ideas For Children's Day Party

Greeting Signs
Since it is Children's Day, the best would be to get a nice greeting sign arranged for the party, something which states "Happy Children's Day". You can match the signs with the party theme and colors. In case you are throwing a construction themed party, then "Caution: Party Zone" written in black on a yellow background would be best. For a Hawaiian themed party, your sign board can read "Aloha" which means Hello or Welcome. Use pink, orange and yellow colors to decorate the sign board.

A kids' party is incomplete without balloons. Add lots of colorful balloons in different sizes and shapes. You can also have a bunch of helium balloons anchored in the middle of the party table as a centerpiece. They can even be attached to the light fixture in the center of the room as the main highlight. Create a balloon arch allowing your friends to help themselves towards the party area.

Crepe Paper
Crepe paper serves as one of the cheapest and easiest party decoration. Attach 4 to 6 pieces and tie them to the center light fixture in the room. Thereafter, extend each piece to the corners and walls of the room by twisting and securing it with tape. Combine two colors together for a whimsical effect. Cover up the tape by attaching more balloons to the crepe paper. Use crepe paper in the doorways in the form of strips. Use different colors for a more visual and festive atmosphere.

Table Decorations
Have a table cloth decorated by your kids to reflect the true feel of Children's Day. Use colorful crayons, markers, pictures cut from magazines and construction paper shapes for the decoration. Let your kids' imagination turn wild. Lay the tablecloth on the table and cover it with a transparent tablecloth so that the creation can be seen through and is prevented from spills at the same time. Place a toy as a centerpiece according to the party theme. You can opt from a large teddy bear, Barbie doll or a cowboy hat. Place several curled ribbons to surround the centerpiece.