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Planning to throw a Children's Day party and looking for invitations ideas? Check this article for different Children's Day party invites.

Children's Day Party Invitation

Children's Day revolves around childhood. This national festival is celebrated on 14th of November, to mark the birth anniversary of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was fond of children and hence, the festival is a tribute to his love. He was a great freedom fighter who went on to become the first Prime Minister of India, after it gained independence. The festival is celebrated with fun and fervor across India. Kids indulge in various activities, parties being one of them. For a party, invitation is the most essential part. In case you are wondering how to invite your friends to your Children's Day bash, do not worry. Simple, scroll through the lines below and find different invitation ideas at your end.

Invitation Ideas For Children's Day Party

Self-Made Invitations
You can create your own invitations at home using card papers. Download some pictures from the net and paste them on a cardstock. Decorate the card with markers, ribbons, glitters and jewels. Have fun while making your own invitations for the party.

Computer Print-Out Invitations
For a creative invitation, surf through the internet and create party invitations. There are a number of templates available on the net. You only have to fill in the party information and print them out. Easy and convenient option!

Online Invitations
In case your friends are net surfers, then online invitations are the best bet. You have umpteen options available to choose from. Get extraordinary by selecting digital invitations wherein you can add photos, videos and music.

Traditional Invitations
Getting invitation cards from card stores are still popular and remembered for a long time. Since it is festive time, you can easily get party cards at all stores. Get a full package of fun and colorful invitations and fill them up. You can either post them or take the extra effort of inviting them personally.

Theme Invitations
In case you plan to throw a Children's Day party with a specific theme, start off with sending the invitation in the same theme to set the mood for the party. Get creative and look out for different ways to invite your friends for the party. You can choose from beach balls, scrolls, treasure maps, footballs, secret codes, message in a bottle, candy bar containers, the list is endless.

Prop Invitations
If you plan to use props or anything else at your party, send them along with the invitations. These can be a bandanna, hat or sword that your guests have to wear at the party.

Helium Balloons
Looking for something unique and different? Simply blow up some helium balloons and slip in you invitation into each balloon. Tie them along a string and hand over to all your friends. Your friends will have to pop the balloon to read the invitation details. Furthermore, you can even tie the invitation to the string of the balloon to let your friends keep the balloon intact.