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Til Ke Ladoo is one of the popular sweet dishes prepared during Baisakhi. Know how to make Til Ke Ladoo recipe, in the article.

Til Ke Ladoo

Til Ke Ladoo
Primarily used as a source of oil, sesame seeds could improve the taste, flavor and aroma of any dish to which they are added. In India, sesame seeds (til) are available in black and white color, each different from one another slightly, in terms of taste. Due to the nutritional value of sesame seeds and their crunchy taste, they are often used as the chief ingredient of ladoos and halvas and used as toppers for bun and homemade bread. If you travel to north India during festive seasons, you can try out the lip-smacking til ke ladoos, which are prepared on almost any occasion. Go through the following lines to get a simple recipe for til ke ladoo.

Til Ke Ladoo Recipe