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Pindi Chana is one of the favorite side dishes of Punjab. Learn how to make Pindi Chana by exploring the recipe given in the article.

Pindi Chana

Pindi Chana
The traditional North Indian cuisine is renowned for its unique preparation, taste, aroma and the myriad variations that are brought about to the receipes. People living in the northern parts of the country are known for their inclination towards lavish feasts comprising of spicy, lip-smacking dishes. Pindi chana, native to the northern parts of India, is one such dish, which is full of 'firing' spice. Typically prepared by using aromatic spices, pindi chana (a dish of chick peas) allures one with its aroma. If garnished attractively, it would surely grab the attention of your guests. The wonderful dish that can very well fit into the menu meant for the lunch on Baisakhi. As a side dish, pindi chana can go well with puri, chapatti and bhature. Read on to explore how to make pindi chana.

Pindi Chana Recipe