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Baisakhi is a colorful festival, when people dance to the tune of Punjabi songs. Check out the lyrics of some popular songs for Vaisakhi.

Baisakhi Songs

Baisakhi is a vibrant festival celebrated with fun and fervor. In Punjab, the harvest festival is made colorful by dance performances. The women clad themselves in salwar-kameez to perform gidda, while the men wear the traditional bhangra dress to dance to the tune of popular Punjabi folk songs. The very famous Baisakhi folk songs depict the happiness of the farmers, who are blessed with bountiful harvest for the season. The songs also carry the true essence of the celebrations. Fast beat numbers are very popular on the occasion. Therefore, this season, add merriment to your celebrations by dancing to the tune of popular songs for Baisakhi. Given below are the lyrics for Baisakhi songs.

Popular Songs For Vaisakhi

Jind Mahi

(Punjabi Song)

Jind Mahi bajre diyan, aha
Jind Mahi bajre diyan kaliyan
Ki mela vekhan aiyan, aha
Ki mela vekhan aiyan jattiyan
Ki hath vich sheesha, hoy
Hath vich sheesha savaran pattiyan.

Ek pal behi jana, aha
Ve ek pal behi jana mere kol
Ve tere mithrde ni, hoy
Ve tere mithrde ni lagde bol
oho oho oho hai

Jind Mahi, baj tere kumlaiyan
Ki teriyan ladiyan Parjaiyan
Ki baji phir kade na aiyan
Ek pal...

Jind Mahi ambiyan te a gaya boor
Ki jattiyan de mukhrde te varda noor
Jinno vekh ke charde saroor
Ek pal....

Jind Mahi je turiyo patiale
Othon liyavi reshmi naale
Ade chitte oye, ade kale
Ek pal.

Ambarsare diyan vardiyan

Tana tanak,
Teri bodi mere hath,
Meri gutt tere hath,
Maeno rakhna e rakh,
Maeno kadna e kad!
Maeyon tere naal vasiyan,
te hor koi vase vi na
Maeyon tere naal kattiyan,
te hor koi kate ve na

The "Boli"

Ambarsare diyan --- ve maen khaani haan Tu -- -- te maen sehni haan
Ambarsare diyan vardiyan ve maen khaani haan
Tu karenda ardiyan te maen sehni han

Ambarsare diyan chole ve maen khaani haan
Tu tarda-tar bole te maen sehni han
Ambarsare diyan papard ve maen khaani haan
Tu karenda aakard te maen sehni han