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If you are searching for best gift ideas for Baisakhi, then read the article. We have provided some bright ideas for Vaisakhi presents.

Baisakhi Gift Ideas

Baisakhi Gift Ideas
In India, there is a festival for every season. Come spring, and you will see the festivity reflected in the eyes of people across the length and breadth of the country. With the prayer of good crop and a fruitful year ahead, people in different parts of the country celebrate harvest festival during spring, in myriad ways. On 13th April, the North Indians, particularly people in Punjab, celebrate the spring harvest festival - Baisakhi. Like any other occasion, it is the time of merrymaking, with the performances of lively dances and the exchange of gifts. If you want to send gifts to your near and dear ones on Baisakhi, then this article would be helpful. Given below are some presents ideas for Baisakhi.

Presents For Vaisakhi

Gift Basket
When it comes to gift baskets, there are number of options to choose from. Consider buying sweets, chocolates, fruit or dry fruits gift baskets for your relatives. In case you are presenting gift to an individual, you may personalize the gift basket by adding the items that are useful as well as his/her favorite. For instance, grooming products, toiletries, sweets are good options.

Pillow Case set
Since Baisakhi is a spring festival, you may choose airy fabric for the pillow case set, say, cotton or khadi. Pastel shades of green and blue, light colors such as shades of purple, yellow, off white and white are perfect colors for the fabric. You may choose pillow cases of the previously mentioned colors or light floral prints for the pillowcase set.

Tote Bag
Tote bag made of canvas would be the best bet. It is a useful gift item for those, who prefer carrying something capacious as their shopping bags. Tote bags can also be made at home, provided you know the correct method of cutting and stitching the material. If you are looking for an easier option, consider present a shop bought one.

Flower Bouquet
On the spring season, you won't have to search a lot for some beautiful flowers. Spring flowers like Agapanthus, Amaryllis, Anemone, Chrysanthemum are among the best options. Apart from the spring flowers, exotic flowers are also available in flower shops.

Jewelry Box
If jewelry is not an affordable gift item, then why not buy a box for it? A good idea, isn't it? So, purchase a jewelry box that is somewhat economical as well as attractive. It would be a nice gift for the significant woman of your life - your mom, sister, spouse or partner - on Baisakhi.

Puja Items
If you are looking for some religious gift items for Baisakhi, then consider buying a set of Puja items for your acquaintance. Items such as diya, diya stands, candle holders, utensils of puja are nice gifts for someone elder in your family, to bestow upon, on Baisakhi.