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Choley bhature, a spicy recipe, is very popular in north India. Learn how to make choley bhature with the recipe given in the article.

Choley Bhature

Choley bhature is a lip-smacking and spicy recipe that is prevalent in the northern parts of India. A combination of choley (chick peas) and bhature (fried breads that resemble poori), the dish is a typical Punjabi food, which is usually eaten as a breakfast or lunch, accompanied with lassi. The dish is served with onions and pickle. It has emerged as one of the popular street foods in northern India and a hit in the college campuses across the region. On the glorious occasion of Baisakhi, eating choley bhature is a nice way to kick-start the day. Go through the article and know how to make choley bhature.

Choley Bhature Recipe