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The recipe of Til Ki Gajak is very easy to follow, as it requires very less ingredients. Learn how to make Til Ki Gajak by going through the article.

Til Ki Gajak

Til Ki Gajak
India is famous for its wide variety of sweet dishes. Each region is famous for its indigenous dishes. Talking about the northern part of the country, there is a rich tradition of preparing sweets that are confined to the particular festivals. Til ke gajak is one such recipe, which is relished on festivals like Baisakhi and Lohri. Made of sesame seeds (til), til ke gajak is a traditional Punjabi dish, which may serve either as dessert or snack item. It can be prepared easily, because it requires only a few ingredients. However, you should take care of the consistency of the jaggery-sesame mixture, because carelessness might spoil the dish. Go through the following lines and learn how to make til ke gajak.

Til Ki Gajak Recipe