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Poori is an easy to make recipe, which can be relished with a variety of side dishes. With the recipe given in the article, you will know how to make Puri.


Fried food is something inevitable from the north Indian cuisine. For the habitants of northern part of India, wheat is the staple food and that is why, the main dishes are primarily made of wheat. Among the main dishes made of wheat, roti and puri stand prominent. Made of wheat dough, puri is the traditional fried Indian bread, served with a variety of side dishes, such as aloo subzi (potato curry), chole (chick pea curry) etc. Puri is an easy-to-make recipe and its variations are bhature and kachori. In order to make crispy puris, you need to know the right consistency of the dough as well as the way of rolling out the kneaded dough. Go through the article to get an easy recipe of puri.

How To Make Poori