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Lohri is a festive occasion when celebrators exchange greetings and wish each other. Read on to know more about Lohri greeting cards and e-cards.

Lohri Greetings

Lohri is an extremely popular harvest festival, celebrated in the whole of North India. The festive occasion marks the end of biting cold in the region and the onset of spring. It is also the time when people send warm wishes to one other, especially to those, whom they can't meet in person. Greeting cards are an expression of your love and indicate that you wish to include the recipients in your celebrations. Below given are some wonderful Lohri greeting card ideas. Read on and take your pick.

Lohri Greeting Cards

Homemade Greetings
In case you intend to make a Lohri card on your own, take a drawing sheet and fold it from the middle. Draw a colorful, Lohri-themed painting on the outer side of the drawing sheet. You can also cut a Lohri picture from magazines or newspapers and paste them on the outside of the card. Once the outer side is ready, write a Lohri message inside. Also, mention the name of the recipient and personalize the card as you like. Put the card in an envelope and tie it wit a ribbon.

Readymade Greetings
There is a whole range of Lohri greeting cards available in the market. You can choose whatever suits your fancy, depending on whom you want to give the card to. Do write a message inside the card for the recipient, as it will personalize the greeting card. Select cards that carry quality content on Lohri, rather than flossy Lohri pictures. You can pen down a nice poem or your own quote inside the card.

E-cards are a viable option, especially for those who are far away, to whom you cannot post a greeting card. However, make sure that you are sending the e-cards to only those recipients, who are internet savvy and who check their mails regularly. There are several websites on the net, which provide you with the option of sending free Lohri cards. You can also personalize the e-card by adding some self-written lines. Sending an e-card will also save you a lot of time and expenditure.

Funny Greeting Cards
Humorous greeting cards are also a nice option in keeping with the spirit of the festival. Funny cards also bring an instant smile on the face of the recipient, which is exactly the purpose of giving a card. You can get readymade funny cards or can also access the internet to find some. However, it is imperative to maintain that the humor is not distasteful, insulting or obscene by any chance. Take care to choose the right words. If you have doubts about the recipient's taste for humor, play safe and give a simple greeting card.