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Celebrate Lohri with the richness of dry fruits by gorging on some yummy gajak. Go through the article to learn the recipe of sesame candy.


Lohri is an auspicious occasion, celebrated in the state of Punjab that is also called as the breadbasket state of India. It marks the end of winter and is associated with the harvesting of winter crops. It also celebrates the birth of babies and the arrival of newly wed bride to the family. Sweets are an added attraction to the festive mood of Lohri. They are a must eat during this period. Few of them are ganne ki kheer, atta ladoo, coconut chikki and pinnie. Gajak is another famous Lohri sweet. Prepared with different dry fruits, it is rich in almonds, peanuts, walnuts and cashew nuts. The essence of kewra makes this dessert all the more inviting. Enjoy this delicacy by following a simple recipe.

Recipe For Gajak