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Lohri is yet another Indian festival that is characterized by a massive exchange of gifts. Find out some unique gift ideas for Lohri in this article.

Lohri Gifts

Indian festivals and the practice of gift-giving go hand in hand. There is hardly any Indian festival which is not characterized by an exchange of gifts among friends and relatives. Lohri is a widely popular festival, when celebrators choose gifts for their loved ones from a wide range of options available in the market. There are many who believe in giving traditional gifts on this festive occasion. However, it is important that whatever your zero on, is liked by the recipient. Read on to know some fabulous gift ideas for Lohri, which will make gift selection easier for you.

Gift Ideas For Lohri

Sweets are an integral and celebrated part of every Indian festival, and so is it true for Lohri. Sugary delights just add to the celebrations and sweeten festive interactions. You can take a pack loaded with single type of sweets or can also go for a mixed pack containing different varieties of sweets, depending upon the tastes of your recipient. Special Lohri packs of 'rewries' and 'gajjaks' are also a good option to zero on. A big festive sweet pack can also be given as the only Lohri present.

Indian festivals are also characterized by celebrators donning new clothes, especially bought for the festival. Like every Indian festival, people love to wear new and colorful dresses on Lohri. You can buy festive apparel for your recipients, if that falls well within your budget. However, keep in mind the taste and preference of your recipients, when choosing Lohri clothes for them. Traditional clothes are the best option, in case you are not sure about the likes of the receiver. Designer labels are a sure hit on Lohri, provided your budget allows you to splurge.

Dry Fruit Hampers
Dry fruit hampers are a good option and also very popular, at the same time. Much like sweets, you can mix and match different varieties of dry fruits or can simply buy gift-wrapped hampers. Dry fruits like nuts, cashews, chestnuts and almonds are popularly gifted on Lohri. You can get these hampers very easily in gift stores. These hampers can also come in handy for Lohri offerings. Your recipients will also have the option of preserving them for several months for personal use.

Pooja Thali
Gifting pooja thali on the festive occasion of Lohri have become a stylish trend in the recent years. A massive range of pooja thalis are available in the market or gift stores. Relevant accessories relating to the festival are also available combined with the pooja thali. Thalis in brass, silver and mitti are quite popular these days and make for a very thoughtful Lohri gift as celebrators worship the lord of fire, Agni, on this festival.