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A delicious and mouth-watering dessert, coconut chikki is a favorite on Lohri. Explore to find the recipe of preparing nariyal chikki.

Coconut Chikki

An agricultural festival, Lohri is filled with merry-making. It is celebrated on the 13th of January every year to mark the culmination of winter. An extremely auspicious day, Lohri marks the entry of sun into the Northern Hemisphere. The main focus of Lohri is on the traditional food prepared on this day. Numerous delicacies prepared in the festival include sarson ka saag, makai ki roti and paneer masala. Apart from this, there is an extensive list of desserts which include gajak, chikkis, ladoos, etc. One such dessert is the coconut chikki that is prepared from dried coconut and ghee and includes two varieties of sugars namely, brown sugar and the original sugar. Enjoy this sweet dessert by preparing it with this simple recipe. A delicacy sure to be loved!

Recipe Of Coconut Chikki