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Lohri Date

Lohri is a very popular harvest festival, celebrated in the North of India. The spirited festival is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm by people, who get along with their family and friends on this festive occasion. Lohri can be understood as the Indian version of Thanksgiving. On Lohri, children go from door to door singing folk songs in the praise and honor of Dulha Bhatti, a thief (according to folklore), who helped the downtrodden, sought justice for them and fought for their rights. People give these young visitors sweets and savories. Occasionally, money is also given.

It is these collections by children, which are actually known as Lohri. They are to be distributed among the celebrators during the night. Some of it is also offered to the holy fire. Celebrators throw peanut, popcorn and other food items in the fire, which are symbolic of offerings made to the God of Fire, Agni (in Hindi). Lohri is celebrated to worship fire and mark the end of the biting North-Indian winters. The weather in the northern part of India begins to change from the day Lohri is celebrated, i.e. around January 13, and marks the onset of spring season.

As per the Hindu Solar Calendar, the festival of Lohri falls in the Paush month, which is around January 13, according to the Georgian calendar. At this point in time, the earth is closest to the sun. The festival is celebrated a day before Makar Sakranti, which is the closing of winter season. Traditional songs and dances mark the celebration of this unique Indian festival. Mostly, the festival of Lohri falls on the same date every year.

Lohri 2021: Wednesday Jan 13