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Atta ladoo are simply delicious and lip-smacking. Check out this article to know the recipe of making atta laddu.

Atta Ladoo

Lohri is a festival of worshipping fire, which is celebrated in the northern part of India on the 13th of January every year. It marks the end of cold and chilly winter season. Lohri is celebrated with great pomp and fanfare. The festival is associated with different cuisines prepared, especially on the festival. Traditional delicacies are made using the conventional recipes. Occasions and festivals like this give an opportunity to discover and taste the enticing list of Indian gourmets. Amongst the extensive list of dishes prepared on Lohri, one of the most popular recipes is the atta ladoo. Atta ladoos are a famous sweet prepared on this festival. It is made with the traditional ingredients that include atta, jaggery and ghee. Read on further to know how you can prepare tasty and delicious mouth-watering atta ladoos.

Recipe Of Atta Ladoo