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Sali Ma Marghi is a delectable and inviting preparation. Explore the article to know the recipe of how to make chicken with potato straws.

Sali Ma Marghi

Jamshed Navroz is marked on the first day of the first month of the Shehenshai calendar to commemorate the Parsi New Year. Named after the Persian ruler Jamshed, this festival is celebrated by the people following the Zoroastrian religion. One can sense joy and excitement in all homes during this occasion just like all other New Year festivals. People get busy with cleaning their homes days before the festival and decorate them artistically. They exchange greetings and serve traditional Parsi food to their family and guests. Chicken is one of the most popular dishes prepared on this day. Sali ma marghi is one of them. It is an inviting and delectable preparation that cannot be left out from the festive menu. Learn how to make Sali ma marghi by glancing through the lines that follow.

How To Make Sali Ma Marghi