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In case you are looking for Jamshed Navroz greeting cards, this article would prove right. Explore to find Nowruz greetings and e-cards.

Jamshed Navroz Greetings

The Zoroastrian New Year begins on the first day of the first month of the Fasli calendar. The New Year is celebrated as Jamshed Navroz across all parts of the world where Zoroastrians reside. The New Year falls on 21st March which coincidently is the Vernal Equinox as well as the spring season begins. Observed with great zeal and gusto, the festival also commemorates the legendary king of Persia, Jamshed who is believed to have introduced the solar calculation in the Parsi calendar. The Zoroastrians mark the festival with traditional rituals and customs. They exchange greetings and eat traditional preparations. They also purchase cards and present them to their near and dear ones as a token of love and respect. This article deals with the different kinds of greetings cards that you can look upon for sending or presenting to your loved ones.

Nowruz Greeting Cards

Store Bought Cards
Purchasing cards from card stores is the most traditional way. With the arrival of the festival, stores and shops are flooded with cards in different sizes, colors, textures and prices. They are not only attractive and eye-catching, but they are also cherished for a longer duration. So, go ahead and search for the perfect card that would hit your loved one's heart instantly. The variety available is endless.

With the technology getting advanced day-by-day, more and more people are switching to the internet as a mode of communication. The same technique applies to cards as well. With the click of a mouse, you can send a card to numerous recipients at one time. Not only convenient and cheap, they are also stunning giving you various options for creating your card in the most creative manner.

Homemade Cards
In case you want to give a personal touch to your greetings, switch on to make some homemade cards. Collect the different materials required, such as craft paper, colors, paints, pictures and stickers, pertaining to Jamshed Navroz. Let your creativity flow out in creating some innovative homemade cards. The card recipients are sure to love you for the efforts out in for making the cards.

Business Cards
Business cards are usually shared among people at work. There are different cards available on the internet and in stores for sending and presenting to various business officials. They are designed specially for wishing business acquaintances, clients, colleagues and employees in a formal and sophisticated manner.