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The festival of Jamshed Navroz is marked with preparation of numerous traditional recipes. Read to know about Jamshed-e-Navroz/Nowruz food.

Jamshed Navroz Recipes

Jamshed Navroz, or Nowruz, is the Iranian New Year. As per the Fasli calendar which is followed by the Zoroastrians, the New Years falls on 21st March coinciding with the Vernal Equinox thereby welcoming the spring season. With the beginning of spring, Jamshed Navroz also signifies new hopes, lives and colors in the New Year. This festival also commemorates the king of Persia, Jamshed who is considered to have introduced the solar calculation and indicated the beginning of the Aries constellation from this day, i.e., 21st March. The festival is celebrated by all the Zoroastrians residing in different parts of the world.

People begin the celebrations with cleaning their homes. They use different colors and roses to decorate the doors and windows of the houses. Furthermore, Parsis indulge in a lot of partying and feasting as they are in love with food. The joyful and magnificent festival of Jamshed Navroz is marked with numerous lavish and luscious recipes. Different kinds of sweets, pastries, nuts and sherbets are prepared on this occasion and consumed generously. With this article, we bring you some traditional recipes prepared specially on the occasion of Jamshed-e-Navroz. Read through the following lines and dig into the delicious Parsi food on this Nowruz.

Recipes For Jamshed-e-Navroz

Patrani Machhi
Patrani machhi is one of the most popular and common food made on Jamshed Navroz. Learn how to make this delicacy by browsing through this section. A healthy and nutritious way to eat fish since it is only steamed and not fried!

Dhansak is a delicious and traditional Parsi preparation cooked on festivals and weekends. The word dhansak comes from two words, 'dhan' which means 'lentils' and 'sak' which means 'greens and vegetables'. This is accompanied with chicken or lamb while cooking.

White Mutton
The festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the Zoroastrians all across the world. Evenings are lighted with parties and get-togethers. A number of Parsi foods are also prepared. White mutton is a traditional delicacy considered to be a must-have on this festival. Scroll through this section to know the recipe of making white mutton.

To end a meal, ravo is the most popular dessert prepared. Easy to prepare, ravo is a delight to serve on this occasion. To know the method of preparing ravo, go through the lines below.

Chicken Farcha
While serving your guests with Parsi food, do not miss out chicken farcha. A mouth-watering and scrumptious appetizer, chicken farcha makes a great starter and snack as well.

Sali Ma Marghi
Chicken is one of the most popular dishes prepared on Jamshed Navroz. Sali ma marghi is one of them. It is an inviting and delectable preparation that cannot be left out from the festive menu.

To start off, begin your Jamshed Navroz celebrations by serving a delicious breakfast. Prepare akuri or akoori (Parsi style scrambled eggs) and let your family and friends get a real feel of the festival.

Parsi Pora
Parsi pora is a special Parsi delicacy prepared with a lot of spices to get an authentic taste. It is one of the favorite preparations for breakfasts on special occasions, Jamshed Navroz being one of them. To get the real festive feel, serve this marvelous Parsi pora with toasted or buttered bread.

Tarapori Patio
People observe Nowruz with great gusto and fervor. Various customs are followed to celebrate this occasion traditionally. This includes preparation of luxurious and delectable delicacies. Tarapori Patio is one of them. It is a curried pickle prepared with dry Bombay duck. This patio is eaten with different preparations.

Russian Pattice
Russian Pattice makes an appetizing and luscious starter as well as a snack for children. Though it is named Russian pattice, it has no link with the Russian community. In fact, the recipe is a favorite among the Parsis.