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Poems are just not written about love and life in general, grandpas too inspire people to write poetry. Explore this article for an interesting serving of grandpa poems.

Poems For Grandpa

Grandparents, now don't they make for the most loveable people in this world. While you can always have kids around and love them for who they are, it may be slightly impossible to have grandparents around at all times. However, when it comes to loving grandparents for who they are, that sure shouldn't pose much of a problem for you. Speaking of grandparents, with them, you have two very distinct choices. On one hand, there is the doting grandma and on the other there is the much loved grandpa. Here, however, rays of multicolored light will only be cast on the 'grandfather' and the love he is more than willing to shower on the members of his family. While it may be sufficiently easy to gift your grandpa a thousand things, what may be pretty tough to do is write a poem for him. Fortunately, if you do love your grandpa and almost can't live without him, poetry should come pretty easily to you. For inspiration, all you need to do is read on to discover a pleasant and profound serving of poems dedicated to grandpas and the love they have to give!

Grandpa Poems

To Grandpa, With Love
You made me the person you hoped I would be
You have never really been a mystery to me
I'm thankful for you, Grandfather,
Without you, what would I do?
My heart, it belongs to you, and only you!
Dearest Grandpa, You have a big heart,
From the start, I wish you and me never have to be apart!

A Lament
With you gone, it gets harder and harder every day,
From the day you went away,
People keep telling me that everything is going to be okay
But I know deep inside, there is nothing to hide,
Everything is surely better up there, but since we are not together,
It really seems unfair.
It seems like just yesterday, that we were together, but then it hit me,
You may have just gone forever.
But I know that someday we're going to be together.
No matter what the world is going to say,
I'm going to see you soon and that's the way it is going to stay.

An Ode
My precious Grandpa, Do you know how much I love you,
Do you know that we care, Do you know that we are always going to be there,
From the time I've known you, up until now, every moment I've spent with you,
Every moment left, it all seems so few, Dearest Grandpa, We love you!
Our feelings for each other are deeply entwined
For me, a better grandpa I can never find,
What matters most is everything we do together,
Because when done with you, it's that much more the better
Is this all a dream, it's never what it seems,
Know this my dearest grandpa, one, two, three, you are everything to me.

A Birthday Greeting
The little things you do,
Make my life worth living, makes it worthwhile,
That gentle peck on my cheek,
Always to my face, brings a smile,
The endearing words that you utter,
Always to me find their way,
It's all I need to help make my day,
All the things, big and small, that you do,
Too much in number to mention, to draw your attention,
All of them I do dearly love,
A very happy birthday to you.

You're The Best
It's pretty simple, I'm so lucky to have you as my grandfather,
And if I had to choose one, I'd choose no other,
I'm so lucky to have,
You as my Grandfather,
If I had to choose one,
I'd choose no other,
The bond we share, will always be really strong,
For me and in my eyes, dear Grandpa, you can do no wrong.

These poems for grandpa are sure for sure going to be loved.