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Grandparent's day activities can transform a normal day with your grandparents into a fun filled party. Read on for to find a few ideas and examples for grandparent's day activities.

Grandparents Day Activities

Grandparent's day celebrations can include different kinds of activities to keep everyone occupied all the time and also to keep the joyous spirit up all day. Such activities can be preceded and followed by meals to keep everyone's energy levels as high as their spirits. Although most games and activities are meant for kids and young adults, even grownups can have a lot of fun when they indulge in such activities occasionally. Not all activities need to be physically taxing. Activities after meals can include verbal games, card games, board games, etc. For games that are played in groups, you can pair children with adults or other children who they haven't met often. This helps children to bond well with their uncles, aunts and cousins. You could also have outdoor activities such as nature walks, pool games, camping, etc. Grandparents can share old stories and experiences with their young grandchildren around a campfire at night. They can teach some important team work and outdoor survival skills in the process. This increases the respect that children have for their grandparents and they will be comparable to pillars of strength and guidance in difficult times. Grandparents who get to see their grandchildren rarely can use this opportunity to organize a backyard barbeque party or make delicious sweets for all.

Grandparents Day Activities for Kids

Nature Walks And Camping
Grandparents can lead nature walks for their grandchildren, along with one or two more adults. This could either be organized around the grandparents' house or a trip can be organized to a nearby hillock or stream that the grandparents are familiar with. Everyone could also walk to a safe camping spot and camp for the night. All children can be made to carry few hundred grams of food or rations while the adults carry tents, heavier luggage, firewood, etc. Grandparents can carry nothing more than their own sleeping bags and walking poles. They can serve as guides and explain to the children about nature, using live examples around them. Everyone can sit around a campfire after dinner and have a good time together.

Memory Games
There are different types of memory games and most of them are great party games. When played as a group you could play it verbally. Each person must utter a word preceded by all the words spoken by those in the circle before him. The first person will have to just say one word but must listen to all the words spoken by those after him because once the circle completes, he/she will have to repeat all the words that were spoken by each person in the circle in the respective order and then add their word to it. The difficulty level increases when the words form a long meaning less chain with no repeating words. Anyone who makes a mistake should be removed from the circle and this continues until only one person remains. The last person remaining is the winner. Another way of playing this game is with cards. You must have two identical decks to play this game. Remove few unique pairs of identical cards and keep them in a pile. Shuffle the cards in this pile and arrange them facing downwards such that they form a square or any other geometrical shape. The game becomes extremely difficult when you arrange them in an irregularly pattern. The one playing the game will be allowed to select two cards, one after the other. If the cards are identical they will be removed from the table, if they aren't, they must be placed back in the same position as they were. Each person plays it this way until there are no cards left on the table and the winner is determined by the player who takes least time to finish the game.

Musical Chairs
For this game, you will need to arrange chairs in a circle. The number of chair must be one less than the number of people playing the game, excluding your grandparents. One of your grandparents can be blindfolded with his/her finger pressed on the play button of a music player. The other grandparent can move the finger of the blindfolded person to the stop button whenever the music is playing and move it back to play button when the music is stopped. The choice of stopping and starting the music depends entirely on the blindfolded grandparent and not the other. Those who are playing the game must be standing around the circle of chairs. As soon as the music starts they must run in a predetermined direction, clockwise or anticlockwise. When the music stops, all the people must sit down on a chair. However, since there's one chair less than the number of people, one of them will be left standing. This person is out and one chair must be removed from the circle. Ensure that the remaining chairs are rearranged properly to form a circle again. The blindfolded grandparent will start the music again and everyone repeats the above process until there are only two people running around one chair. The one who gets to sit on the chair in this last round is the winner.

These are only few activities that can be organized for children on grandparent's day. You could play other types of party games or invent your own games to have something new every year.