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If your grandparents mean the world to you, you might love a handful of quotes on them. Browse through this article for grandparent's day quotes.

Grandparents Day Quotes

If you knew a thing or two about survival in this feisty world, when in trouble, you wouldn't run to a parent, instead, you would run to a grandparent. In grandparents, depending on the bond you have shared with them, you have the promise of never being turned down when almost drowning in the treacherous pool of trouble. Grandparents are bundles of joy and wisdom. For you, as a grandchild, you can take it for granted that you will always have your grandparents around, well, almost always. It's a known fact that when a person becomes a grandparent, his/her years are numbered. But fortunately, for a grandchild, his grandparents can always be a shoulder to cry on or even a boulder to lean on. If you are the biggest fan of your grandparents and intend to stay that way, you might want to go through a few interesting quotes on grandparents. These quotes will only help you appreciate the value of your grandparents in your lives!

Grandparents Sayings And Quotations
WOW! Now don't you suddenly adore your grandparents all that more. They are after all special people who deserve the most special places in our lives.