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Funny poems are often remembered because of their wit and humor coupled with rhyming words. If you wish to express your love for your grandparents with funny poems, read on for few examples and ideas.

Funny Poems For Grandparents

A poem is a literary art form that brings forth a feeling closest to the emotional response brought by the sight of a beautiful picture. With a play of words you can create a funny poem that's sure to make the reader laugh or even go as far as shedding tears of joy. Such a poem would make a great gift for grandparents on their birthdays or on grandparents' day. You can even write a poem for your grandparents whenever you think of them or visit them. Giving your grandparents a funny poem is sure to bring a smile on their faces every time they remember or read it. If you write poems for your grandparents often, you can write them using a calligraphy pen on thick paper and fold it such that it can be kept along tables, windows, etc. This will help them remember the sweet words you have for them at times when they feel blue or nostalgic. For elderly people, there's no greater feeling than being loved by their children and grandchildren. Funny poems can be as touching as serious or sentimental poems. One of the most important characteristics of poetry is its ability to make the reader feel connected to the writer's emotions. It serves as a medium to convey thoughts and expressions using similar syllables to create a rhythmic effect.

Funny Grandparents Day Poems

It's Grandparents' Day and we're here to say,
"We love our Grandparents in a major way."

So sit right down and take a seat,
And we'll put on a show that can't bebeat!

Some Grandparents are skinny. Some eat a lot.
Some are funny. Some are not.