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What is a Boss's Day party without a matchless theme to go with it? Browse through this article to uncover a saucer full of ideas on party themes for Boss's Day.

Boss Day Party Themes

Given a choice, would you rather go to a party which revolves around a theme or a party that does not revolve around a theme? Depending on how much fun you are looking forward to having at a party, you would choose the party that revolves around a theme. Theme parties, from time immemorial, have been known to come with varying and extended dosages of excitement and entertainment. No reason why a boss' day party shouldn't revolve around a theme, owing to the fact that a party that has a theme to can prove to be way better than a party that has no theme to it! Go ahead and read on to stitch together fabrics of familiarity with ideas on Boss's Day party themes. These ideas, although seemingly conventional, are offered to you with a refreshing twist to them. Use your discretion to pick out one idea you know will be the best for your Boss's Day party and also help bring a smile to the face of your rather solemn boss!

Party Theme Ideas For Boss's Day

Birds Of A Feather Rock Together
Just because it's a party for your boss, it doesn't mean that it has to be any less casual or overtly formal. If you are looking to make your Boss's Day party a smashing success, all you need to do is follow the 'birds of a feather rock together' theme and it's done. This theme will require the whole party to revolve around rock stars, their antics and their tunes. Every one invited to the party should make attempts at looking like their favorite rock stars or just about any rock musician. Your boss too, if he's sport enough, can dress up like his favorite rock musician. As for the music, rock music is the way to go. You can also have games that revolve around rock music and rock musicians. To complete the picture, make it a point to put up pictures of legends of rock and the party will be on its way to becoming a roaring success.

Beaches And Boulevards
A party theme that draws its inspiration from beaches and boulevards may seem like an overdone idea, but the fact remains that with a little creativity, you can make this one idea the most exceptional of them all. To incorporate a beach-like feel to the Boss's Day party, you can serve some refreshing cocktails. Just make sure everyone is okay with the idea of consuming alcohol before actually serving the same at the party. As for the dress code, Hawaiian can be the dress code of choice. If the party is to be held outdoors, try getting it as close as possible to resembling a beach or a boulevard. If the party is to be held indoors, you can place a few plants indoors and include appropriate lighting. That's it; you now have a beach party to be a part of. Don't forget to play the kind of music that only adds to the beach or boulevard-like feel to the party.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who's The Scariest Of Them All
Halloween comes just once a year, no surprises there, but how about making Halloween come twice a year by hosting a horror themed Boss's Day party? All you need to do to put this party idea together is ask everyone to dress up in scary costumes and show up to the party. To make this party idea a scary success, all you need to do is have some very scary music playing; the kind of music that dominates horror movies should do just fine. Make it a point not to play the music too loud, subtle music works best here. To add creepy finesse to this party idea, have dim lights, but don't switch off the lights completely or people might just be bumping into each other all of the time and that may not sit down well with your boss.

That's it, three Boss's Day party ideas for you to choose from. You can feel free to use the idea that appeals the most to you.