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You might love or even hate your boss, but he or she still deserves a party. Read your way through this article for invitation ideas for a boss day party.

Boss Day Party Invitation

You can have the best job in the world, you can love what you do or you can do what you love, but if your boss makes for the corporate version of a nightmare, you may as well earn your bread from menial jobs. Unfortunately, the world functions a certain way and tyrant bosses just happen to have the world running in their way. Providentially, over-the-top manic bosses don't happen to be the only ones calling the shots, there also are many kind leaders who have it in them to make a tedious task seem like a fun one. However, here the nature or the modus operandi of your boss doesn't matter half as much as does the fact that he/she deserves a day set aside to celebrate his/her leadership. Remember, at the end of it all, when the curtains are drawn and the lights are turned out, your boss, in a way, is responsible for the dough in your pockets. You may as well celebrate your boss and his/her unique style of leadership. Read on for novel invitation ideas for boss' day parties.

Invitation Ideas For Boss Day Party

Boon Balloons
This idea may seem a little childish, but it doesn't make it any less fun. For this one idea, all you need to do is zero in on a person who manufactures balloons. Once this is done, you can place an order for balloons of different colors with a single message printed on them. The message should basically be an invitation to the party. It can be a fun message, a creative message, an informal message or even a plain and boring one. This doesn't really matter much because of the fact that the message will be printed on the balloons which makes it a great idea anyway. Alternately, instead of taking the trouble to find a manufacturer of balloons, you can just buy plain balloons and write on them with a pen. After it all is put together, don't forget to walk into your boss's cabin to hand him over the balloon invites.

Paste A Poster
For this one to be put together, secrecy is a must. If the surprise element goes missing with this idea, you may as well write it off as a failure. To prevent such a mishap, start off by planning each and every step that needs to be taken. Begin with finding a designer to come with a great design idea for a rather large poster. Your poster should be loaded with colors and have a great message too. With this done, comes the heart of this idea, which is the surprise element. The goal here is to ensure that when your boss walks into his room or into the office, with the pull of a string or the pressing of a button, there is a giant poster to greet him. It may sound like you can pull this off easily, but remember, bosses always get wind of what's going on, and so top secret is but the only way to go!

Rake In A Record
For this idea, you will need people who can sing well. Work your creativity by putting together a song for your boss, yes, a song with a tune and lyrics. The lyrics of the song can be invitation to the party. Rope in the help of musicians in your company or from absolutely anywhere to compose a tune and get an employee or a few employees to sing out the song. If there are no employees who can sing, get a non-employee to sing the song. The ultimate objective is to record a song that sounds professional. Braying is strictly not allowed. With the song ready, play it out for your boss and watch him nod his head in appreciation!

That's it, three great ideas for invitations for a Boss's Day party. Use the one you think will be the best for you as an employee.