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If your boss is away from office and if you want to wish him/her on Boss's Day, then fine Boss's Day quotes are perfect to add to an email or even use as text messages.

Boss's Day Quotes

'National Boss's Day' is celebrated on October 16 every year and that gives you the perfect opportunity to thank your boss and express your appreciation. Employees normally arrange for a bolt from the blue party and pamper their bosses with exotic gifts to let their bosses know how important they are in their lives. But, what if your boss is out of office on some urgent work? In that case, you can still wish your boss with some nice Boss's Day quotes. All you have to do is to just email him/her a nice quote or text message him/her. A motivational quote is enough to express your feelings. Boss's Day quotes can be funny, humorous, motivational, or inspiring. If your boss likes humor, give him/her a good belly laugh by sending him/her very funny Boss's Day quotes. Steer through the following section to read more about popular Boss's Day quotes and sayings.

Quotes On Boss's Day
Boss Quotes
The term 'boss' is usually associated with one who exercises control over employees in a given organization. However, over a period of time the term has acquired negative connotations with words like 'bossy' taking on implications of one being heavy-handed,

Boss Farewell Quotes
Bosses are the ones who you rely on heavily for a number of reasons. They are the ones who have a great bearing on your career, and have shared with you all the ups and downs of the business organization with a desire to build an image and maintain good liaisons with the clientele.

Boss Day Funny Quotes
If you are in a workplace, you know how important the role is of a boss in your day to day life. A single word of appreciation can send you to cloud nine whereas a mere expression can ruin your entire day. However, you need not let them come into your professional and personal relationships.