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A Boss's Day party can be made complete only when there are party favors at the same. Explore this article for ideas on party favors for Boss's Day party.

Boss Day Party Favors

Your boss does not just deserve a party; he/she also deserves a party favor. Yes, you might hate your boss and are always on the lookout for that one chance to tie a stone around his neck and throw him into a large body of water. Or, you may love your boss to death and may even walk the wire for him. In any case, the bonds you share with your boss don't really count for much. What really matters is that your boss deserves a party, of which party favors are an extremely integral part. Most party planners tend to give party favors the least importance or choose to completely ignore them. This really can backfire in the face of those people involved in the planning of a Boss's Day party, because no party is complete without a party favor being a part of it. Do yourself a favor and ensure that your Boss's Day party has party favors making for an overtly important part of the same.

Party Favors For Boss Day

Custom Made Cups
When it comes to party favors for a Boss's Day party, it is a must to give away favors that help create memories. One way of achieving this objective is by giving away custom made cups as party favors. The cups that you give away can have on them a picture of your boss, his signature or maybe even his or her favorite quotation. The goal here is to not only create a memory in terms of the favor given, but also a create a memory in terms of the party held to celebrate your boss and what he or she has done for the company you work at.

T-Shirt Time
T-shirt time does not mean that everybody at the party held in honor of your boss wears T-shirts; instead, it means that T-shirts make for some of the best things to give away as favors. With T-shirts, you have two options. You can either give away T-shirts with your company logo on them, or, you can choose to give away T-shirts which have been blessed with a personal touch. The personal touch can include funky designs, funny or touching 'pieces' of literature. It all depends on how willing you are to take risks and step away from the ordinary and overdone.

Chocolates And Cookies
A box of chocolates paired with a few cookies can turn out to be a very delectable Boss's Day party favor. Yes, there always is the issue of people devouring all the chocolates and cookies and not really leaving anything behind to create a memory. In any case, it wouldn't amount to much sense to leave behind a cookie for a year just for the sake of making a memory out of it! To get the better of this dilemma, all you need do is spend some time and money on putting together a great looking cookie box. The cookie box can easily double as a party favor, while also serving the purpose of being a memory all the while!

Mixed CDs
This one idea will not only help please the recipients of the favor, it can also help please your boss. All you need to do to put this idea together is to find out details on ten to twelve of your boss's most loved songs. Once the details are got, figure out ways to procure the songs. As far as possible, try staying away from downloading the songs illegally. Once you get your hands on the songs, burn them onto a CD in no particular order and give the CD away as party favors. You may also want to consider giving away the CDs in attractive packages. The packaging by default can serve as another party favor.

Now that you are done with the ideas on party favors, go right ahead and use the one you think is the best. Remember, these are just ideas; you can create your own ground by thinking out of the box and coming up with really unique party favors.