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Have fun and help your boss unwind on Boss's Day this year by pl aying some out of the ordinary party games. Dive deep into this piece for more information on boss day party games.

Boss Day Party Games

Boss's Day is an American holiday celebrated each year on the sixteenth of October. This trend has now spread across many workplaces in the world. So, who exactly is the boss? Well, there is one thing that is common to all the bosses, irrespective of age, place, designation and pay and it is that they will always have people working for them, reporting to them, and being answerable to them. The boss basically steers his/her team or department in the direction desired. Some of his/her responsibilities may also include writing performance reviews, creating employee work schedules, report on the department's performance to their heads, or taking charge of an entire company. The importance of an able manager is hardly disputable. If your boss is understanding and cooperative, you can work with comfort and ease. Is he/she making you work hard? If yes, why not make him/her party harder? Rope in your colleagues and show your boss how much you appreciate him/her and your job by throwing a party on Boss's Day by arranging some interesting games. For more information on party games for boss day, read on.

Party Games For Boss Day

TV Fanatic
If you know your boss's favorite show, you can have your office co-workers dress up in the attires typical of characters from that show. To make it more interesting, you can decorate his/her office in a way that matches the show's setting. For instance, if it is a crime series such as crime scene investigation that he/she likes the most, you can create a crime scenario with a crime scene tape, a mannequin that serves as a dead body, fake blood and other clues with the help of which your boss should solve the mystery and determine which of the co-workers is behind the "crime".

One Liners - Guess The Famous Movie
For this, you need to make in advance a list of famous quotes from well-known movies on a piece of paper. To play this interesting game, you need to read out these quotes one at a time and have your guests guess which movie it is taken from. A point is scored by whoever gets the movie's name right. After every quote has been read out, the one with maximum points is declared the winner. If you want it make it more challenging and exciting, you can give extra points if they can name the actor or actress who quoted the one-liner.

You can rent a karaoke machine for a day and create a stage area by arranging a disco ball and colored lights in the office. Despite the initial inhibitions, you must encourage your boss and all your co-workers to take turns at the microphone to sing their favorite song. It will be fun to watch it at a later date if you can record the performances.

This game is popular among kids who enjoy making a 'statue' of others while catching them off-guard. Why not bring on the same old fun by playing this game in the Boss's Day party? Before you get cracking with this game, you need to explain the rules to your guests. A person is chosen as the statue who, at a definite point of the party, must turn into a statue in the middle of whatever he/she may be doing. The others who start noticing him/her too turn into statues. The one who notices what's going on last becomes the 'statue' for the next round. It can be quite a sight to watch people turn into statues in the middle of saying or doing something.

Identify The Movie Name
To play this game, all you need to do is write down the names of several well-known movies on slips of paper before the party and place them in a bowl. Ask two co-workers who are ready to volunteer to pair up and pick a slip from the bowl. They must then enact a scene from the movie written on it. The one who correctly guesses the movie becomes the next actor along with his/her partner. You can continue with this game until every pair gets an opportunity. The pair guessing the maximum number of movies is declared the winner.

Have a blast as you enjoy these games on Boss's Day and keep your boss pleasantly engrossed for the entire day.