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The best way to celebrate Boss's Day is by organizing a party at your work-place. Read on to find interesting party ideas that are office-friendly.

Boss's Day Party

Boss's Day is celebrated on 16th October to appreciate your boss for his hard work and dedication. Although giving cards and gifts is a part of this occasion, nothing beats work-stress like an office party. This will be a great occasion to encourage bonding and increase team-morale. You could take the initiative to set-up a party committee so that everyone agrees on the events to be conducted at the Boss's Day party and the work for organizing it can be divided accordingly. It is good to have a surprise party for your boss unless your entire day is spent partying and your boss has to finally bear the brunt for work not being completed according to schedule. This is why Boss's Day office parties are best celebrated during lunchtime or after working hours, unless 16th October is a weekend. Boss's Day parties need not always beat work. If your boss usually has lunch in his room or within the office, it'll be nice to take him out for lunch just to make this day special. You can also decorate his room or the entire office with streamers, balloons or other party decoration items. This will bring in a lively atmosphere and you could possibly celebrate Boss's Day along with all other teams and their bosses as well. Always remember to make all party arrangements between the evening of the previous working day and Boss's Day morning. Even if you're ordering a cake or other eatables, get them too before Boss's Day morning to avoid having to leave work and go out for the sake of Boss's Day because this would be counter-productive for the company that you're working for.

Party Ideas For Boss's Day

Office Decorations
You can decorate the office with streamers, balloons and other party decoration items. You can also organize a themed party and decorate the office according to the chosen theme. Do not forget to inform other employees to dress according to the theme.

Party Venue
You can organize a Boss's Day party at office or outside. If you intend to organize the party at your work-place, scheduling it with lunchtime would be ideal. Make sure you get the beverages and non-perishable snacks in the morning and order food well before lunch time to avoid delays. If you plan to have a party after office hours you could book a lounge, club, pub or resort for the evening.

Party Games
You can organize games at work to liven up the place. Games at work increase team morale and loosen the tight atmosphere of a typical office. You can have whacky prizes and titles awarded for those who win these games. Office party games can include chair race, treasure hunting, eating competition, face-painting / costume contests, etc. Remember to mention such events in your invitation mail.

Gifting Ideas
The Boss's Day party organizing committee can collect money from all the employees and use it for the party's expenses and to buy a gift for the boss. Employees giving additional gifts to their boss can be optional. You can choose ecofriendly gifts and avoid using plastic gift-wraps for environmental reasons.

Food And Beverage Menu
Limit the consumption of food to only snacks and beverages unless the party is organized at lunchtime and everyone's having lunch together at office or outside. If the employees must get back to work after the party, then avoid having alcoholic beverages served at the party. Some companies permit the consumption of mild alcoholic beverages such as beer and such companies certainly make an exception to this rule.

Party Themes
Having a theme for your Boss's Day party can be a great idea. You can have different themes like beach themes, spooky themes, retro themes, funny themes, color themes, etc. All decorations, clothing, food and gifts can be chosen according to the theme. Remember to mention the theme in the invitation and ensure that it is bold and legible.

Party Invitations
Invitations for the Boss's Day party can be sent to all the employees by email or hardcopies can be distributed by hand or pinned on the notice board. You could save the trouble of printing invitations as this is more ecofriendly. Here's one of those simple ways of being ecofriendly which would save tons of paper and plenty of ink if every office would reduce unnecessary consumption of resources.

Organizing a Boss's Day party is a great way of showing your appreciation for your boss. He would feel loved and respected and may take more interest in the welfare of his subordinates. It would also be a good day for all employees to take a break from their hectic schedule as well.

Boss Day Party Decoration
A party can never really look like a party until and unless decorations are a part of it. You can have the most entertaining people around and even gallons and gallons of alcohol, but sans decorations the picture cannot be made complete. This only helps underline the importance of decorations which makes quite an indispensable

Boss Day Party Favors
Your boss does not just deserve a party; he/she also deserves a party favor. Yes, you might hate your boss and are always on the lookout for that one chance to tie a stone around his neck and throw him into a large body of water. Or, you may love your boss to death and may even walk the wire for him.

Boss Day Party Games
Boss's Day is an American holiday celebrated each year on the sixteenth of October. This trend has now spread across many workplaces in the world. So, who exactly is the boss? Well, there is one thing that is common to all the bosses, irrespective of age, place, designation and pay and it is that they will always have people working for them,

Boss Day Party Invitation
You can have the best job in the world, you can love what you do or you can do what you love, but if your boss makes for the corporate version of a nightmare, you may as well earn your bread from menial jobs. Unfortunately, the world functions a certain way and tyrant bosses just happen to have the world running in their way.

Boss Day Party Menu
A boss is a person who calls the shots when you find yourself in his or her 'kingdom'. Just like there was no questioning of the authority when it came to the King during times of yore, there is no questioning the authority of the boss when it comes to boardroom battles.

Boss Day Party Themes
Given a choice, would you rather go to a party which revolves around a theme or a party that does not revolve around a theme? Depending on how much fun you are looking forward to having at a party, you would choose the party that revolves around a theme. Theme parties,