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Boss's Day gives you an opportunity to make your boss know that he is special. Read through this piece to know more on the origin and history of this exclusive day.

Boss's Day History

In the course of the humdrum of our lives, we often tend to miss out on many things that can carry long term implications. We keep things on the backburner to defer them, assuming that we will get back to them at a later point in time. So pre-occupied are we with ourselves and our work that we seldom find time to give attention to others, be it our friends, siblings, partners or parents. No different is the case with our bosses - often in the daily grind of work and responsibility, many of us do not remember to express our appreciation and acknowledgment towards our boss. Once we complete school and college, we enter a new stage as we go to the workplace. It is here that our actual learning begins. There is only one person who sees you through until you find your feet in the new environment - your boss, or the person you are reporting to. S/he is the one you turn to for guidance and motivation. You may harbor the deepest heartfelt admiration for her/him. However, you often do not articulate your appreciation as you may not always find a suitable time and opportunity to do that. This is the reason we celebrate Boss's Day. Read on to know more on the history of Boss's Day.

History And Origin Of Boss's Day
Your peremptory boss may put you off at times. However, there is no need to have pre-conceived notions about your boss and nurse ill-feelings towards him. It is s/he who is guiding the team to achieve its goals. We need to adjust with our bosses in our own manner. Whatever be the case, they are responsible for motivating us to perform better and make our lives easier, notwithstanding the perpetually mounting work pressure. The boss must be visible enough to know that s/he must be a hard taskmaster and a cordial senior in the same breath.

Does the spacious and comfy room make you green with envy or make you think that your boss has it easy? If yes, you are mistaken. It might appear that they are comfortably placed as they go around ordering people. But in reality, that spacious and comfy room comes is accompanied by a proportionate amount of extra pressure and stress.

The key to an organization's success is a healthy and mature relationship between the employee and the boss. Many people cherish a cordial approbation for their bosses, but lack the opportunity to display it. This is where celebrating Boss's Day helps you. It gives you a platform where you can make him/her feel special by expressing your gratitude through words and gifts for all that he has done for you. A party is usually thrown by the employees in his/her honor.

'National Boss Day' is celebrated on 16th October every year. Who chose this date? Well, how this day came into being has an interesting story behind it. Had it not been for Patricia Bays Haroski, this day would never have been thought of. The credit for creating awareness among all the employees to recognize the efforts of their bosses and dedicate a day entirely to them goes solely to this woman. Patricia was an employee at 'State Farm Insurance Company' in Deerfield, Ill, in the 1950s. She worked under her boss who was none other than her father. While working with him, she began to observe the many troubles her father had to confront as he led the employees and managed the company. Being a considerate daughter, seeing him work so hard moved her enough to come up with an idea of dedicating a day to him and all the other bosses so that employees officially acknowledge and honor their bosses and superiors. She chose 16th October as this was her father's birthday and in 1958, registered the holiday with the 'Chamber of Commerce' of the United States. However, she had to wait for four years until her initiative got the green signal by Otto Kerner, the then Governor of Illinois. Her wish was granted when he declared 16th October as National Boss Day in 1962.

Patricia Bays Haroski was instrumental in making us realize that despite their seniority, acknowledging our bosses and superiors contributes greatly to make the workplace more congenial for the whole organization. Today, this day is looked forward to by employees as well as bosses who celebrate it with great gusto.