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Raksha Bandhan is an important festival in India. To know how Rakhi is celebrated in India, read on.

Rakhi in India

Rakhi in India
Rakhi is one of the very important festivals celebrated in India. Eagerly awaited by the Hindu community in India and abroad, it surely marks an auspicious occasion. Rakhi comes in the month of Shravan, which falls between July and August, and is celebrated with much eagerness and joy all across the world. The festival of Rakhi communicates the message of brotherhood, as it is the day on which a sister ties a rakhi thread on the wrist of her brother and he, in return, vows to protect her from all troubles. The festival is of great importance in the Hindu culture and is celebrated all over the country, though the ways of celebration vary from one region to the other. The name of this festival also changes as soon as one enters into a new region. Let use know about celebrating Rakhi in different parts of India.

Raksha Bandhan In India

North India
Rakhi festival is popularly called 'Raksha-Bandhan' all over the country. However, it is known by one more name in some parts of North India and that is 'Kajri-Poornima'. In northern parts of the country, this day is propitious because marks the day farmers start sowing the grain seeds, in their farms. Since a new beginning is there, people worship 'Goddess Bhagwati' on this day.

East India
In the eastern part of the country, the significance of Raksha Bandhan is indicated by the cultural richness of famous institute 'Shanti-Niketan.' The founder of this institute was the great Nobel Laureate Rabindro Nath Thhakur. He initiated the 'Rakhi Utsava' (Rakhi tying ceremony) there long back. But the custom is continued till date by the pupils of the 'Shanti-Niketan'.

South India
In some parts of the South India, Rakhi is celebrated by the name of 'Avanee-Avittum', whereas in other parts, it is known as 'Opakramam'. This day has special significance for the Brahmins, as they tie the sacred string on their patron's wrist and in turn, the patrons offer them gifts in cash or kind. 'Shravan Poornima' is yet another name of Rakhi in this part of the country.

West India
In the western region of India, Raksha Bandhan is popularly known by the name of 'Naariyal Poornima' (the 'Coconut Full Moon Day'). Since ancient times, it has been believed that people worship Lord Varuna (the God of Sea) on this day. They offer the 'Naariyals' (coconuts) to the Lord, by proffering them into the sea.