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Exchanging gifts is an integral part of the Rakhi festival in India. To know about fascinating gift ideas for Rakhi, read on.

Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi Gifts
Rakhi is a very special festival of India that speaks volumes about the emotional attachment of Indian siblings. It is popularly known as "Raksha Bandhan", which means the bond of protection. Unique in its concept, Rakhi is celebrated as a symbol of love and good wishes of a sister, who wishes for her brother's long life and prosperity on this day. The brother, on the other hand, promises to keep away all the miseries and harm from his beloved sister. The market is flooded with a variety of rakhi around this festival, like silken, golden and silver threads and the ones studded with semi precious stones.

As per tradition, Rakhi gifts are given by brothers to their sister. They bless their sister after the thread-tying ceremony and give gifts, as a token of their love and affection. In case of younger brother, an addition is usually there and they also receive gifts from their sisters. In the modern days, the trend of Rakshan Bendhan has changed and it is seen that the sisters gift something in return to the younger as well as elder brothers, probably due to the increasing distances and fewer encounters between siblings. Rakhi gifts serve as a token of love and affection that the two share.

Some ideal gifts on the occasion of Rakhi are sweets, dry fruits and clothes. These days, wrist watches and jeweled rakhis are gifted, as long lasting remembrance of the sister. Sweets and chocolates have always been a part of the festival and considered to be the perfect gift option. Dry fruits are a suitable choice as well and are more favored as Rakhi gifts. The list does not end here and things like pen sets, shirts, tie, jeweled tie pins, flowers & cakes, silk saris and diamond accessories makes other some more Rakhi gift options. Go ahead and gift your brother or sister something that always reminds him/ her of the special bond between the two of you.

Rakhi Gifts for brothers
The significance of the relationship between a brother and her sister is well celebrated in the form of the wonderful Indian festival that we call Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi signifies a bond of protection, as Raksha means 'to protect', and Bandhan means 'bond'. With time, traditions and customs associated with Rakhi have changed quite a bit. Earlier, only the brothers used to give gifts to their loving sisters. However, with the changing times, even the sisters like to send return gifts to their brother, as a token of their love. In fact, on the occasion of Rakhi, one can see sisters occupied in shopping for their dear brother.

Rakhi Gifts for sisters
Raksha Bandhan is a festival with an age old tradition of presenting gifts to sisters. The gift can range from apparels to sweets to chocolates. Sisters are very sensitive and they love to get presents from their brothers. They do not care for the cost of the present. For them, even a single rose, if give it with a smile, is much better than the most precious piece of jewelry. For them, it is the thought that matter more than the price. When you are picking Rakhi gifts for your sister, it is always best to keep her personality and choice in mind.