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On the festival of Rakhi, send beautiful greeting cards and e-cards to your brother/sister. Explore all about Raksha Bandhan cards, in the article.

Rakhi Cards

Rakhi Cards
Rakhi is a ceremonious occasion, observed with gusto, by Hindus in various parts of India. It is a very popular festival in northern, eastern and western parts of India. Also called Raksha Bandhan, the festival commemorates the strong tie between a brother and a sister. Since a long time, Rakhi - sacred thread - is tied on the wrist of the brothers by their sisters. In return, the brothers would present gifts or money to their sisters. Greetings are also exchanged between the siblings. The festival is observed on 'Shravan Purnima' (full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan), which corresponds to August, as per the Gregorian calendar.

Rakhi Greeting Cards
Today, a number of gift galleries have come up with attractive Raksha Bandhan greeting cards that are suitable for all ages. Rakhi cards function as beautiful means to communicate a sister's endless love for her brother and vice-versa, on the glorious occasion of the festival. Greeting cards are exchanged between the brothers and sisters, especially when they live far away from each other due to varied reasons, the most prominent being geographical distance. When they are not able to meet each other on the festival, they would send attractive Rakhi greeting cards that convey their warm wishes and affection.

Changing Trend
In the present time, varied forms of Rakhi greeting cards have flocked the shelves of the gift galleries, because the demand for the product is increasing year by year. In this competitive world, there is a remarkable boost in the production of customer-oriented products and Rakhi cards are no exception. The greeting cards for festivals have undergone a tremendous change. Apart from the conventional medium-sized greeting cards, you can get cards that are oversized and very small sized, which can easily fit inside your palm. Talking about Raksha Bandhan cards, they are now available in both Hindi and English languages.

The greeting cards for Rakhi are now becoming more attractive and expressive. In fact, Rakhi greeting cards available in the stores carry the real essence of the festival, which is nothing but the unique bond between a brother and a sister. The tender emotions and love of the siblings are clearly reflected from the quotes, which are used for such greeting cards. This has attracted many customers. Some cards carry very funny quotes that depict the playfulness between a brother and a sister, while others include very emotional messages, which can make your eyes filled with tears. The greeting cards for Raksha Bandhan become attractive merely through the play of words.

Hot Trend - Rakhi With Greeting Card
Rakhi attached to greeting cards has become a hot trend in the market. In the fast moving life, since many siblings would not be able to meet each other on the auspicious occasion, they would prefer to send a Rakhi, via post or courier, with a greeting card attached to it. In fact, it is a step ahead in adding charm to the greeting card and improving its value. The current fad of Raksha Bandhan greetings is to send the card with a Rakhi attached to it. It is extremely popular in countries abroad. A recent development in the product is the addition of roli-chawal pouch with the Rakhi and greeting card.

Homemade Cards
Sisters, who want to show their love for their brothers, would send handcrafted cards to them, on Raksha Bandhan. Handcrafted cards are in vogue, because they convey the warm wishes in one of the most convincing ways. Small children are encouraged to indulge in the art of making greeting cards, because it helps them show their creativity and love for their beloved sibling. Even the elder ones would send handmade greeting cards to their lovely brother/sister, on Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan E-Cards
In the fast moving life, people are opting for easier and quicker ways to send their wishes on festivals and other ceremonious occasions. This trend of sending e-cards is also seen on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. In the present time, since Internet has turned the world into a global village, people connect to their loved ones in just a mouse click. Sending wishes online is a hot trend. A number of websites are offering attractive e-cards - both animated and non-animated - for almost every occasion and every emotion. You can now get beautiful Rakhi E-cards online and send them free of cost, to your sibling.