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With migrations of Indians worldwide, Raksha Bandhan celebrations have become global. Explore more about Rakhi celebrations around the world.

Rakhi Around The World

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in a grand manner in India. It is celebrated with extreme zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country. This festival is given great importance in the country as it commemorates the unique relation shared by brothers and sisters. It is celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravan which corresponds to the July- August month of the Gregorian calendar. Apart from India, this festival is also celebrated in various parts of the world where Hindu population resides. Interestingly, many non- Hindu families opt for celebrating this festival because with time, this occasion has become a Universal celebration of the unbreakable thread of love between brothers and sisters. Explore more about worldwide Raksha Bandhan celebrations, through the lines given below.

Rakhi Celebrations Around The World

Rakhi In Europe
Rakhi is also celebrated with great zeal in various countries of Europe. It is celebrated by the South East Asian population residing here. People from different parts of the city gather at a common place at times to give festive touch to this occasion. As there are several people who live in these foreign states alone, they have developed brotherhood amongst themselves. Girls tie Rakhis to boys who are not their real brothers but their foster brothers.

Rakhi In Nepal
Nepal is the only Hindu Country in the world. There are also many Indians residing in the country. So, in Nepal you will feel homelike on the Indian festivals like Rakhi. Very similar to India, in Nepal also people celebrate this occasion as a commemoration of brother-sister relationship. The festival begins with the ceremony of tying Raksha Sutra on brother's hand and comes to an end with feasting and family get-togethers.

Rakhi In Australia
There is also commendable Asian population in Australia. Most of them are Indian students and professionals. So, on the occasion of Rakhi, these people generally celebrate it by community gathering and feasting. In countries like Australia, where the native population is completely alien to any such festival getting Raksha sutra in market is a little difficult, so people preferably tie bands or bracelets around bother's hand. Very much like European Asian community, people here also have the concept of foster brothers and sisters as most of the people live away from their family.

Rakhi In Gulf Countries
The concept of Rakhi in Gulf countries is very new. Since, the time Indians have started moving in these countries for working in Oil companies and factories, they have also introduced the concept of Indian festivals like Rakhi in the Gulf culture. Though the native people do not celebrate this festival, the Indians here nake this occasion look like festival in their community. Many communities of Indian origin who do not have the Rakhi culture back home enthusiastically participate in this festival to increase warmth and love in their relations with the fellow Indians living abroad.