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Do you want to send wishes to your loved ones on Pongal? If yes, then explore the article and get some of the best Pongal vazhthukkal.

Pongal Wishes

Pongal Wishes
Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated with gusto by Tamilians across the world. In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, people indulge in four days of festivities, which starts from 13th of January and until 16th of January, every year. It is a special day for the farmers, as they reap the first crop of the harvest season. Sun God and Indra (God of Heavens) are worshipped during the festival. People from nook and corner of the country would come to Tamil Nadu, during the festive season, to celebrate Pongal with their loved ones back home. They exchange gifts (typically new clothes) and wishes (known as 'vazhthukkal' in Tamil) with each other. If you are looking for some warm wishes for your loved ones, then read the article. We have given some of the best wishes for Pongal.

Pongal Best Wishes