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There is a strong tradition in Tamil Nadu to greet Pongal with an exchange of presents. Lets us explore some wonderful gifts ideas, in this article.

Pongal Gifts

Pongal Gifts
Pongal is considered very to be a very auspicious festival amongst the Tamilians all over the world. It is celebrated with immense zeal and gusto. It is basically a four days festival in which the last day is reserved for community festivities. On this occasion, people organize feast and celebrations. There is also a strong tradition in Tamil Nadu to greet Pongal with an exchange of gifts. So, people of the Tamil community exchange Pongal gifts as a token of good wishes and symbol of warm relations on this occasion. This is also a tradition that helps in building healthier and stronger relationships with loved ones. However, selecting a gift on such an occasion is not an easy task; you can often see most of the people in a dilemma over what to buy and what not. If you are also one of them, we have come to your rescue. Now, you can explore some of the wonderful Pongal gift ideas given below.

Pongal Gifts Ideas

Lord Sun Sculptures
As the entire festival is being celebrated in order to commemorate Lord Sun's transition from one zodiac to other, what better and auspicious can you think of gifting someone on this occasion? So, you can buy a metal craft, china clay decorative piece and even a sun-shaped pendant.

Fresh Flowers and Good Luck Plants
On the occasion of Pongal, it is always thought auspicious to send flowers to your loved ones. If you want to gift something more long lasting, you can send a good luck plant.

Pongal Hamper
Gifting a Pongal Hamper is not a bad idea either. It consists of all the traditional Pooja items and gifts along with sweets and aroma sticks. You can get readymade Pongal hampers in the market, however if you want to make it special, you can yourself customize the hamper according to your choice.

Calendar - Diary
As this is one of the very first festivals on the beginning of a new year, it is also a popular trend to gift items like calendar, diary, etc on this occasion. Tabletop calendars and New Year diaries are often exchanged between formal acquaintances in office.

Sweet hampers are one of the most popular gifts on any Indian festival. Earlier people used to prefer only Indian mithais on the occasion, however now, people also prefer to gift chocolate boxes on the occasion. It is said that sweet gifts helps in retaining sweetness in any relationship.

Dry - Fruits
Dry Fruits are also a good option to present your dear ones as gifts on the festive occasions. It is because they are delicious, classy and also have long shelf life unlike chocolates and sweets. It is always a better option if you want to send a gift to someone who is living at a long distance. Nowadays, dry fruits come in very trendy packaged hampers which gives very trendy look.