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Attractive E-cards for Pongal are available in the Internet. You can get cute greeting cards at gift shops as well. Know all about Pongal greetings.

Pongal Greetings

Pongal Greetings
Celebrated from 13th of January to 16th of January every year, Pongal sets the mood for extensive merrymaking, among the Tamilians living in many parts of India and the world. The festival is especially important for the farmers, since it is a kind of thanksgiving to Mother Nature, for blessing them with a bountiful harvest for the season. The farmers would pray to Sun God and other deities and wish for agricultural prosperity, year by year. Essentially a religious one though, the harvest festival of Pongal cuts all the barriers of cast and creed. People in Tamil Nadu celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm.

Since Pongal is a very prominent Hindu festival of India, it has been a reason for the gift shops to cash in a lot, during the festive season. This is primarily because of the fact that gift giving has been a popular trend, a tradition that was predominant only among the Westerners, until some time back. Today, people of Indian origin have made it a practice to send greeting cards to their loved ones, on almost every other ceremonious occasion and Pongal is no exception. In the present time, sending greeting cards has become one of the hot trends as well as tradition of the harvest festival of Pongal.

Paper Greeting Cards
In the present time, one can see a variety of interesting and enchanting designs of greeting cards for festivals including Pongal. The idea for coming up with such a variety is to attract maximum consumers. Since everyone would want to wish the recipient prosperity on Pongal, colorful images depicting the theme are being used in the shop bought version of greeting cards for the festival. Intricate and colorful kolam (rangoli) designs are one of the chosen themes for Pongal greeting cards.

Although paper greeting cards are sold like hot cakes on the festive season of Pongal, e-cards are catching the attention of people, nowadays. In this technology driven age, Internet has provided the people with innumerable options to choose from, when it comes to e-cards. You can now browse through a variety of Pongal cards with different themes, depicting different moods, and send them free of cost, through the various e-cards websites. For people staying faraway from their homes, e-cards have proved to be a boon, because it is the most convenient, cost effective and time saving way of sending wishes to loved ones on Pongal.

Homemade Greeting Cards
Homemade greeting cards would never loose their unique charm, when it comes to showing creative skills and frugality. If you have the artistic skills, then draw sceneries of rising sun or the simple lit diya (earthen lamp) on your greeting card. You may also add magazine cut-outs of the image of kalash and sugarcanes. If you draw images of cattle (adorned with bells), it will definitely convey your warm wishes to your loved ones, on Pongal. You may add one or two captions like 'Pongalo Pongal' and 'Pongum Mangalam Engum Thanguga' in your homemade Pongal greeting card.