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Printed greeting cards are best for grandparents who aren't tech-savvy enough to read e-greeting cards. Here are few printable greeting card ideas and examples that are ideal gifts for grandparents.

Grandparents Printable Greeting Cards

Printable cards give you the flexibility to create your own cards that look exactly like those bought at stores, yet their format is easily available online for free. You can select one among many different formats given in jpg, png, bmp, pdf, ppt or other files. Choose one that has a message that you'd like to convey and print it on a thick sheet of paper of specified dimensions. Some printable greeting cards contain two images; one to be printed on each side. Always remember to place the sheet in the correct direction when you feed it back into the printer, to print on the reverse side. Using thick paper is ideal, but if you're using very thick paper, ensure that the card does not wrinkle when you fold it into half. Cards for grandparents can have sweet messages, poems, pictures and other decorations that suit the occasion. You could even create your own greeting card and write personalized messages or poems. The options for creating different types of printable greeting cards are infinite; the limit being equal to the extent of your imagination. Those who have large fabric printing machines can get these greeting cards printed on poster size canvases and get them framed. Such gifts would make great keepsakes.

Free Printable Grandparents Cards
Always remember to send greeting cards to your grandparents by mail when you cannot visit them. They'll be accustomed to old times when people would write letters to their loved ones on memorable days.