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Honor your grandparents by sending free online e-cards. Explore this piece to know more.

Grandparents Day E-Card

Grandparent's day, celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day (observed on the first Monday in September), is the perfect occasion to make your grandparents feel special. It is the time of the year when you shower them back with all the love and gratitude. Possessing a wealth of worldly experience acquired over decades, they serve a vital link in the family. However, many people do not live with their grandmas and grandpas and miss the opportunity of sending them wishes through cards. Gone are the days when you were required to wait for days at a stretch to receive a greeting card. And by the time you actually could lay your hands on them, the occasion would have already become a thing of the past. The advent of internet technology brought to the fore the concept of online cards or e-cards. It provided internet users across the world an easy platform to connect to their families and friends, that too without spending anything - except for the internet connection - and send their greeting and wishes on time. What's more, you can even personalize the cards which come in many different types such as funny or sentimental.

Grandparents Day Free Online E-Cards

With people accessing the internet and doing things at the click of a mouse, sending e-cards in today's internet age has almost become a norm. These cards can be humorous, sentimental, or inspirational. E-cards, available online for free, come in different types such as animated, flash, or the simple ones. You even have interactive cards with music playing in the background to suit the music and thought in the particular e-card. With the help of the following information, you can choose one that is suitable for you.

If you want your e- card to have as much semblance to the plain greeting card that you otherwise would have sent to your grandparents, you should go for plain or static e-cards. They have lovely pictures, but do not carry any music or animations. Select a picture of your choice and add your own wordings to express your love for them.

In case you are searching for cards that are interactive, animated cards would be the solution for you. Such cards are also known as flash cards, which contain a short and cute animation accompanied by music in the background. The music can either be a default setting, or set by you as per your choice. You can personalize it by adding touching words for grandparents' day. However, you must make sure that the computer or laptop that your grandparents use has the flash player software in it, without which they cannot view the animated e-cards. Browse through the net and you will find loads of such cards for grandparents' day.

If you want to go a step further, you can even opt for video e-cards. Instead of animations, you can upload a video of your choice. Video e-cards can be fun and affordable ways of making your grandparents laugh or overwhelm them with emotions. You can even create your own unique video and provide content of your choice for the video e-card. However, you may need to wait for a while as the video takes a few minutes to upload. Once you are done with it, you can preview your e-card before sending it to ensure that the video has been uploaded properly.

Creating online cards is evolving and they are becoming more innovative by the day. Web-based multi-media online e-cards are an option only if you are absolutely sure that your grandparents are absolutely well-versed with using computers and internet technology. In this, you can send online grandparents' day card by choosing the background, videos, music, drag and drop images, animations, smilies, and write text that looks like handwriting.

Technology now enables sites to upload photos, manipulate them and embed them onto animation. The personalization level of such e-cards, known as face uploading e-cards, is very high. You can use this type of e-card and have faces of your entire family and grandchildren morphed with an animated body. This can get really interesting and humorous for your grandparents and can make the perfect e-card to wish your grandparents.

As having so many types of e-cards can make it confusing for you to finalize your e-card, go ahead and surf the net. You will certainly find the right kind of grandparent's day e-card that truly conveys your love and affection for them.