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Are you looking for gift ideas for Boss's Day? If yes, then here is a list of gift basket ideas for Boss's Day. Read on to learn more.

Boss's Day Gift Basket

Boss's Day is celebrated on October 16 every year and it is the perfect occasion to pamper bosses and let them know how inevitable and special they are in your life. If you feel your boss has made a difference in your life and if you wish to express your gratitude for his kindness and generosity, then this is the perfect time to thank your boss. If you are hunting for ideas and wondering how to make your boss feel special on his/her day, then gift baskets can be a brilliant idea to pamper him/her a bit. There can be plenty of gift basket ideas depending of the likes and interests of your boss and of course your budget. Starting from gourmet gift baskets to office stationery gift baskets, there can be many options for you to choose from. Here are a few gift basket ideas for you to consider. Alternatively, if you are creative enough, you can come up with your own gift basket ideas as well.

Gift Basket For Boss's Day

Office Stationeries
If your budget is tight or if you are looking for some meaningful gifts for your boss, then office stationery can be a great idea. Get a high quality pen or pencil set with his/her name engraved on it. You can couple it with a personalized business card case, or a coffee mug with a humorous message on it along with a beverage warmer. These are some useful gift ideas. Every time your boss uses the gift, he/she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Gourmet Gift Basket
If your boss is a foodie, nothing can be better than a gourmet gift basket. Arrange a gift basket filled with your boss's favorite food items. If your boss is working late and you are concerned about his/her health, then a gift basket stuffed with healthy foods like whole grain snack bars and organic tea would be appreciated. If your boss is married, then you can consider including a dinner coupon for two at his/her favorite restaurant.

Alcohol Gift Basket
If your boss likes alcohol then a perfect gift basket idea can be a bottle of good wine with fancy stemware, cheese, crackers, and a wine bottle holder. To make it more special and personal, get a customized label with the picture of the office and date printed on it. Alternatively, you can ask all the employees to write their personal message on the label of the bottle.

Bath And Body Care
Bosses work hard throughout the year and Boss's Day is the perfect occasion to pamper them a bit. A lavish bath and body care gift basket will definitely help your boss to rejuvenate himself/herself. Fill the gift basket with aromatic oils, exotic bath salts and perfumes coupled with aromatic candles. If your budget is not too tight, you may also consider including a spa voucher as well.

DVD Collection
Is your boss a movie buff? If yes, consider gifting him/her a movie basket filled with classic movie DVDs of his/her choice. You can also include instant popcorn and other snacks in the basket that your boss can enjoy while watching the movies. Alternatively, you can also include a couple of movie tickets for a movie that your boss would enjoy.

Sports Gear
Sports gear can also be a fantastic gift basket idea for Boss's Day, especially if your boss is a sports and adventure lover. You can include a fishing rod, golf balls, gourmet cheese, quality tees, ceramic sports themed mug, or a ticket to a live soccer match!

Does your boss always carry a book wherever he/she goes? Is reading the favorite pastime of your boss? If your answer is a yes, then there is no doubt that books are the best friends of your boss. Why not surprise your boss with books by his/her favorite author? Alternatively, you can also arrange a gift basket with a collection of the latest novels. However, be sure to select books of your boss's interests and not yours!

Boss's Day is a perfect occasion that calls for celebration to make the boss feel special. And what can be more suitable than an exotic gift basket to pamper your boss on this special day!