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Looking for eco friendly gift ideas for Boss's Day celebrations? If yes, Scroll down this write-up and make your pick from these five all time favorite eco friendly gift options.

Eco Friendly Gifts

Celebrations are often tagged with some mindless shopping and thoughtless indulgences. Result, bad gifts! If you wish to escape the gift gaffe, then it would pay to plan your gift before loosening your purse strings. For those wanting to create an impression with their presents, going green should dictate their choice of gifts. This Boss's Day go green and surprise your boss with an out-and-out eco-friendly gift. Environment friendly gifts made from recyclable products not only help curb eco-waste and create awareness about the environment, but also contribute in making the Earth a greener habitat. What's more, eco-friendly gifts look chic and makes for an ultimate sophisticated souvenir. Considering the alarming affects of climatic changes and "Global Warming", it has become imperative to protect the Earth in as many ways as you can. Buying an eco-friendly gift is just a small step in that direction. Trail down the list of eco friendly gift ideas for Boss's Day and treat your boss to a slice of green.

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Boss's Day

Recycled Stationery
If you think that in this world of notebooks, digital organizers and tablets, your boss no longer needs to resort to office stationery, you could be in for a big surprise! Letter pads, erasers, paper clips, inkpads, paper punches, staplers, paper cutters and correction pens are the primary tools of every office counter, more so your boss' desk. On this Boss's Day, deviate from the obvious and gift your boss a basket of recycled stationery, and celebrate the day the green way! You can opt for a sharpener made of recycled plastic, eco stapler, recycled pens and rulers, wooden pencils and more to cram your gift basket. In that way, you won't be just motivating your boss to 'go green', but will also be doing your bit to save Planet Earth.

An Organic Plant
If your boss is an 'organic' freak, then he/she will absolutely cherish an organic plant as a gift. Let go of the artificial flower bouquets spritzed with nauseating scents and go for organically grown flower plants that are devoid of harmful toxics and sprays. You can choose from organically grown reed palm plants, rubber plants or peace lillies that are known to absorb toxins and pollutants from the air, thereby leaving you with fresh oxygen to inhale. Alternately, you can also gift a pot of organic, homegrown edible plants or herbs. Your boss will truly adore this token of appreciation, more so if he/she happens to be a sucker for organic-fresh food.

Carbon Offsets
Help your boss curtail carbon footprints and minimize the affect of global warming by gifting him/her a carbon offset gift card. If your boss cares for the environment, he/she will be overwhelmed to receive this thoughtful gift. You can choose from a host of cards like road terrapasses, home terrapasses, flight terrapasses and dorm terrapasses. You can also gift him/her carbon emission calculators to help him/her understand the amount of carbon emitted by his/her car. In that way, he/she will be more aware about the environment.

A Donation
Make your Boss's Day celebrations special by gifting a donation to your boss's favorite charity organization. Not only will it give you a tax benefit, but will also get you into the good books of your boss. Gifting a donation is the best way to support a charity and do your bit for humanity. You can make your contribution to any non-profit organization or fund any causes depending on your choice. However, make sure that your boss is an active member or contributor of that organization. In that way, he would get to appreciate your gesture.

A Lunch At Local Farm-To-Table Restaurant
If your boss is somewhat of a food connoisseur and believes that the best ingredients are grown at home, then the best possible eco friendly gift you can give is to take him/her out for lunch or dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant. These restaurants serve delectable food made from the freshest of farm-grown ingredients and livestock. So, if your boss loves everything farm-fresh, a luncheon at a local farm-to-table restaurant would leave him more than appeased.

These eco-friendly gifts are far from boring and makes for ultimate giveaways. So get gifting, get green!